All-In-One Tool for a Product Collage from Creating It to Share It

Normally, you would use Photoshop or similar service for something like this, but here we present easier, simpler, and faster service just for product collage related tasks.

Benefit of SnapLook Product Collage Tool


Easy Product Import

Go to any product page from any online store. Open SnapLook and just right click on the image you want to use and select Snap a Product.

Light Image Editor

You can add images, texts, and shapes to canvas to make the collage looks more attractive. Our editing features are light, but has all the essentials for creating a nice looking product collage.

Auto Product List

After saving your work, a product list which belongs to a product collage will be generated automatically.

Cloud Storage

All your works are saved in the cloud. You can access all your works anywhere and anytime. Also you can load and modify them.

Share & Drive Traffic

Drive potential customers to product pages by sharing product collages on your blog or on social media. We offer embed code, link in bio, and dedicated share link.

Here is Feedback from Early Adopters on

Great Tool to Make More Money

Your number one job as a product marketer / affiliate is to drive potential customers to the target product page. Unfortunately, doing so is not always easy. Creating content which can attract people to the product page is difficult, because there is a constant need to continue publishing useful material. Luckily, our tool makes your job easy, fast, and simple.