Create Product Collages Fast and Easy w/ Chrome Extension

Normally, you would use Photoshop or similar service for something like this, but here we present simpler, faster, and sole purposed service just for product collage creation.

Create a Product Collage In 5 Simple Steps


Snap Any Product

Go to any product page from any online store. Open SnapLook and just click Snap to import the product image to canvas.

Combine Products

We remove backgrounds of the products you snapped. You can move, rotate, and scale them to create a nice looking product collage.

Save Product Collage

Whenever you are ready, save your product collage. We save not only the image, but also the links to products in the collage.

Load & Modify Anytime

You can load your product collage to canvas and modify it anytime. You can even load others' product collages to improve.

Share Product Collage

As you save, a unique link would be generated which contains the collage image and product links in the collage. A perfect link to share!

Here is Feedback from Early Adopters on

Great Tool for Online Shopping

With a product collage, you would be able to visualize how items look put together, and with this, you would achieve consistency and harmony in items you are shopping.