A Browser Tool for Creating Visual Wish Lists While Shop Online

Create visual wish lists by snapping products from any online stores. You can use them to bookmark products in a group, mix & match products to see if they look good together, or plan gift ideas for occasions.

Create a Visual Wish List Simple and Fast!


One Click Canvas

Click an extension button to bring up a canvas. The canvas is just a popup on a browser, so it wouldn’t interfere with your shopping experience.

One Click Add

Adding a product image to the canvas is easy. Just right click on the image you would like to use and then select Snap.

Easily Visualize

Move, scale, rotate, and arrange products on the canvas until you have the perfect look.

Save and Create

Save the canvas to create a visual wish list. We generate a product list automatically after saving the image.

Resume Any Time

After saving your products, load them back in canvas, and resume shopping whenever you want.

Here is Feedback from Early Adopters on

Great Tool for Online Shopping

With SnapLook, you would be able to visualize how products look put together, and with this, you would achieve consistency and harmony in products you are shopping.